The Campground Manager(‘s Wife)

After too long in Expat Limbo, The Engineer’s Family finally has our next move locked down. We’re very excited. But it’s probably not the move anyone expected. (Heck, it wasn’t a move WE expected until a short time ago!)

We will leave Brunei in about a month, and head back to New Zealand. Then, a couple of weeks later, we will start as managers at a small but very busy campground. 

So, in less than two months, I will no longer be The Engineer’s Wife. I will no longer be an expat. I will no longer be a stay at home parent. I will no longer be in Brunei. 

But I will be with my favourite dude and my favourite kid in my favourite country, and I’m very excited to see what life as The Campground Managers’ Family brings.

The Engineer’s Campground Managers’ Family