An old favourite

Yesterday, my plans for my afternoon off were thwarted by a busted battery in our car. So instead of heading to a movie, I walked into town to buy hot cross bun-making supplies. I was surprised to find nothing at the German Shop (which has lots of imported European food), but also surprised to find everything I needed at the Department Store (which is more locally focussed). I also found some Coke and chips, and on my way home I stopped by the river to have a snack.


I used to come to the river often. But it’s pretty warm, so since The Engineer’s Baby came along, our visits have become less frequent.

Sitting there reminded my why I used to come so often. It’s close to our house. And I love the view.


But perhaps my favourite part is behind me: the food stalls. The food is cheap. The stall owners are friendly. The view is great. It’s pretty much perfect.


So last night, instead of getting some takeaways, The Engineer and baby met me at the river for dinner.

We drank Ice Lemon Tea, and ate squid and rice and popia. The Engineer’s Baby sat in her pushchair and watched the fans and chewed on squid and veges.

It was a little warm. But it was lovely. And it was a great way to get outside a little bit. I definitely needed to get outside a little bit!