A list of twenty things that I miss

(in no particular order)
– snuggly cuddly clothes and big fluffy slippers
– my friends and family
– Mexican takeaways
– the supermarket deli counter
– my colleagues
– Mt Taranaki
– being able to buy free range meat and eggs, organic veges, and other fancy ingredients
– Friday night drinks
– Burger fuel
– walking during the day without melting
– my awesome hairdresser
– the lemon tree in the backyard
– broccoli and zucchini
– winter boots
– the Hospice shop
– great brunch menus
– our crazy house
– the coastal walkway
– the library
– mountain biking

9 thoughts on “A list of twenty things that I miss

  1. haha. We’re Kiwi expats living in Dubai and do relate with you missing “snuggy cuddly clothes” as well lol! One good thing is there is Burger Fuel here, surprisingly! There’s quite a few branches as well !

    • Oh man, I am jealous of your Burger Fuel! Given that Brunei has only one McDonald’s, I think it might be quite some time before we are so lucky!

      • haha funny. There should be lots of fast food chains in Miri (Sarawak) and KK (Sabah). Do visit Kuching as well when you get the chance – there’s lots of amazing local food there (my hometown) – try kolomee, kweh chap, Sarawak Laksa. Ah, I’m hungry already talking about it!

  2. We don’t really miss the McDonald’s type fast food. And we LOVE Malaysian style fast food too. Sarawak Laksa in Kuching has certainly been one of our favourites :)

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  4. I’m an American expat living in South Korea, and for me a lot of those things would be foods that I can’t get here: NY style Buffalo wings (with blue cheese and celery), various types of bread and bagels, great Mexican and Middle Eastern foods, etc. As far as material culture, there’s really not much that I miss, though it would be nice to be able to find shoes and clothes my size (and I’m not even that big – 10 1/2 men’s US size, and a 36 in. waist) at a reasonable price. Ah well. The good news is that the things I like about living here far outweigh what I’ve given up. I’ve read your post about that too, and it’s good too see that there’s so much you enjoy about living where you are. That’s always a great sign.

    I often blog about cross cultural issues and the challenges of expat life too. Please drop by if you have a chance.

    • Thanks for your comment. Food is such a big thing for expats. I am often glad that we don’t really eat bread, because the breads we can get there are just not the same!
      Glad the benefits outweigh the things you miss. Plus, missing a few things just makes the trips home all the more exciting, right?

  5. Jenn, so do you mean that you couldn’t get this things in Brunei? =(

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